India is the holy land. The soil of India is blessed with the foot dust of innumerable ascetic saints and sages. The required religious sentiment, transcendence and geist to awaken the inner divinity of the human being can’t get flourished unless someone gets birth in India.

The time when we did not know the usage of present day computer and other relevant equipment of daily usage, then the only companion of knowledge seeking persons were the books. Particularly, one book was very popular to spiritually motivated people i.e. “Bharater Sadhak and Sadhika” [Sadhaka and Sadhika of India] (in Bengali).

The people who will be interested to go through this website, hopefully in the meantime, are already aware of ideals and biography of many saints and sages. Probably, some of the fortunate persons might have already gathered the experience of having companion to some extent of such great men.

The human life would remain incomplete unless he/she comes to know the ideals and noble life-style of an august sage and great ascetic man, about whom we shall try to shed some light through this website. Hence, here is a small effort from us to illustrate Him to a small extent.

Jayatu Sri Sri Babamoni



It is wellknown that any Ashram or of such nature always perform welfare activities in society by taking financial aid from general public or from Government. It is quite natural for all of us till we met such ‘Abhiksu Sadhu’ who is the first (and probably last) to show a completely new path in this arena. He declared that service to the mankind will be done by following the principle of ‘Abkhiksha’ i.e. ‘non-begging’. He never asks from anyone for anything – not from any rich person or not from any Institution like Government. It may sound unbelievable. Without taking financial assistance, it was/is definitely a very hard task to continue various charitable and philanthropic activities. To Him, nothing is impossible.


‘Transformation of the present human race into a completely divine society is His ultimate object and character-building movement is the means to achieve this object. But such movement will not stop within a year or two. This tremendous Movement will have to continue for three hundred years or nine generations of human beings.

There is a branch of Science called “eugenics” which means the science of good re-production. Researchers and scientists across the world have been, for ages, applying the principles of eugenics in the field of many animals and plants to ensure that their off-springs become much more developed, useful, valuable and healthy than their parents. But alas, there is no attempt at applying the principles of eugenics in the field of human race! His Divine Grace Sri Srimat Swami Swarupananda Paramhansa Dev informs us that ancient India did pay much attention to this aspect. The ancient people of India knew the glory of Brahmacharyya (self-control or restraint). It was known that if a boy can spend his life with complete purity, free from any vice and then enters the married life, with a girl who has also spent her maiden life in complete purity in thought and action, and if after observance of Brahmacharyya for some time even in their conjugal life, gives birth to their child, then the son or daughter born out of them is expected to be much stronger, purer, selfless, generous or elevated than his or her parents. If this process can be repeated for three hundred years in most of the families of the nation, then after a lapse of three hundred years of nine generations thousands of boys and girls will be born who cannot be rightly called human beings but who should instead be called divine men and women. Sri Sri Babamoni emphasizes that even left to the course of natural evolution, such divine persons in lakhs or crores will be born, but only after undergoing the process of natural evolution for crores of years; whereas if human beings follow the course of ‘deliberate’ or ‘attempt-driven’ evolution, transformation of the present human race into a divine one will be effected only after nine generations or three hundred years! This process or procedure He has styled as “Brahmacharya through generations” which if practiced sincerely and religiously for an uninterrupted period of nine generations or three hundred years among lakhs of families, will lead to the emergence of an altogether transformed society of only divine persons or super-men and women that Sri Aurobinda had visualized long back in his book ‘Life Divine’ or that many great men like Lord Buddha had predicted. Truly great men whom we may call ‘Avatars’ are rarely born in this world. Personalities like Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Prophet Muhammed, Guru Nanak, Jain Mahavir, Shri Chaitannya, Acharya Sankar, Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda or Swami Swarupananda Paramhansadev emerge in this world only once or twice in one or two centuries. Is it then ever possible that such great men will be born in millions simultaneously? “Yes it is possible”—says Sri Sri Babamoni, the wonderman of the twentieth century—”but possible only after ‘three hundred years’ of exemplary penance through observance of “Banshanukramik Brahmacharya” (Brahmacharya through generations) by lakhs of families simultaneously, that is to say, by extending the application of eugenics in the field of human race as well or in short through the preaching and practice of “Charitra Gathan Andolan” or Morality campaign which is also termed as “Character Building Movement”.

When India was under the bondage of British Rule, almost all the great thinkers of those days were of the opinion that it was the political subjugation to foreign power that lay at the root of all the problems and sufferings of the people of India and therefore once this root cause could be expunged by any means, gradually all miseries of the people would dwindle and will ultimately vanish. There was a cacophony of voices heard loudly all around in those days—those were “freedom first” “freedom last”, “we want to hear nothing but freedom”, “Everything else but freedom should be relegated to oblivion” etc. but even in the midst of such all-pervading cries for political freedom, a different voice was heard and that was the clarion call of Sri Sri Babamoni who had the courage to go against the prevailing stream of public opinion and declared unambiguously—”When I analyse the reasons behind our present sufferings, I realize that political subjugation is not the root cause of our miseries but is only one of the various symptoms of a disease that has attacked the entire nation,— the moral degradation in a mass scale is the root cause of the ailment.

Our sufferings were (and still are) varied—like illiteracy, superstitions, low standard of public health, abject poverty, etc. These were considered the symptoms of the disease. And what was the disease itself? According to all other thinkers of those days, Political subjugation was the main disease. Therefore it was generally believed that by obliterating the main disease or its root cause, we would be gradually relieved of all the bad and painful symptoms. But this has not happened in reality. We have attained political freedom more than seventy years ago. Have our sufferings gone? The answer is better known to any of the readers! An emphatic “no”. Why is this? This is because the root cause behind our sufferings was not the absence of political freedom but was the wide spread immorality or lack of character-building on a mass scale engulfing the entire nation. The truth that Sri Sri Babamoni could visualize more than a century back with His incomparable foresight has started being realized only in the present time by all of us through our immense and ever-increasing sufferings.

This is ample proof that identifying the absence of political freedom as the “root cause” behind all sorts of our sufferings was as Himalayan blunder and that how correct the analysis and judgement of Sri Sri Babamoni was when He singled out the widespread immorality prevalent in the country as the root cause of all our problems and He established and propagated of a new social movement which was termed by Him as the Character Building Movement around 1914 to be spread over across the country as the sole remedy of this stupendous malady.

To drive home this point further Sri Sri Babamoni had also cited examples from history. Rome was an independent State. But when moral degradation spread over in large scale, it could not resist the attack from a barbarous community and lost its political freedom to the attackers. Three or four years prior to the onset of the 2nd World War Sri Sri Babamoni had made a prediction in a speech delivered by Him at Sylhet in 1935 that although France was famous for her military power, we might see in near future France to be defeated in an insignificant battle thereby losing its political freedom. This came out true. Such unexpected and humiliating military defeat suffered by France was attributed to the widespread circulation of obscene literature across France, indulgence of lustful dance and drinking in the bars and restaurants of Paris and the resultant overall moral degradation that besieged the whole of France. These reasons behind the ignominious defeat of the extremely powerful French Army that not many years back could boast of having as its supreme commander as invincible a military leader as Napoleon, were frankly and unhesitatingly admitted by the then commander of the French Armed Forces Marshal Pe Tain.

It is not irrelevant to repeat that even when freedom struggle was at its peak in British India, Sri Sri Babamoni had the courage to point out that political subjugation was not the root cause behind our miseries but was only one of the many other symptoms, the root cause being the wide-spread moral degradation. He discovered the Character-Building Movement as the only medicine. It is very relevant in this connection to note that although Sri Sri Babamoni had kept Himself aloof from active politics, many of the great revolutionaries of the then Bengal—particularly those associated with the Chittagong Armoury case led by Masterda Surya Sen used to meet Him and build their character on the lines of His advice, and therefore the British had put Him behind the bars at least on four occasions.

In those days also it was never disputed that character building was necessary. But Sri Sri Babamoni was not to be satisfied with one or two or one hundred or two hundred boys building their character. He wanted to launch a massive movement of character-building across the length and breadth of the country so that lakhs or crores of boys and girls participated in that Movement by undertaking great penance to build his or her individual character causing to spread it from man to man, from door to door, from village to village or town to town allowing not a single human locality to stay outside the influence of that great Movement. This He had termed as the “Character-Building Movement” or “Charitra Gathan Andolan”.

The launching of this great “Character Building Movement” is the greatest contribution of Sri Sri Babamoni in the history of mankind for it is through this Movement that the present human society as a mixture of both good and bad people can, in as short a time as three hundred years only, be elevated to the status of a divine society each member of which will be as like as of great personality i.e. Lord Buddha, Lord Christ, Sri Sankar, Sri Chaitanya etc thereby earning the sobriquet of “a society of Human Avatars” for that glorious entity.



Writing millions of letters to the youths of the century, delivering thousands of unforgetable speeches displaying oratorial skill of the highest order, authoring hundreds of books only on the single subject of character-building—He has given birth singlehandedly to a novel social Movement of Morality-campaign that pioneered a Renaissance in the twentieth century Bengal, the impacts of which are sure to reveal gradually in the next two centuries in the unprecedented material, social, spiritual and all-round uplift of the Indian nation. He was aware that no social movement can take roots in the country so long as this is not supported culturally through favourable literature and songs.

Two points are noteworthy about the great literature of Sri Sri Babamoni.

  • 1. ‘Akhanda Samhita’ published in 24 volumes. It is commonly believed that there cannot be any problem—personal, social, spiritual, moral or material— that does not have a well-balanced solution in some page or other of the epic literature of Sri Sri Babamoni called “Akhanda Samhita”.
  • 2. Sri Sri Babamoni’s book “Dinalipi” has shown the most scientific and the easiest means of building one’s character. Many young revolutionaries of Bengal built their character by daily writing the answers—either ‘yes’ or ‘no’— to the thirtyfive questions contained in Dinalipi. By following Dinalipi sincerely, Character Building can be easily achieved.

Swarupananda Sangeet— Sri Sri Babamoni had to literally toil hard for eighteen hours a day for years together in ploughing land, grinding stones, manufacturing bricks, felling trees, clearing jungles, fetching water from half-a-mile etc and therefore had no spare time to devote to create enough cultural support for His Character-Building movement. But still thousand of songs (known as Swarupananda Sangeet) have been composed by Him spontaneously without a second thought and requiring least amount of time. Already five books containing more than a thousand songs written by Sri Sri Babamoni known as “Swarupananda Sangeet” have been published. Every word of such Swarupananda Sangeet is capable of inspiring the mind and heart of the listener with inexhaustible strength and has the potential of rejuvenating this entire moribund nation. Swarupananda Sangeet which is incomparable as regards simplicity in meaningful words, nobility of ideals, and heart touching tunes can be rightly called “Charaitragathan Geeti” meaning “the songs of Character Building” exactly in the same manner as the strongest literature of Sri Sri Babamoni mostly based on His lakhs of letters can be termed as a store house for “Charitragathan Sahitya”. It is very relevant here to recall what Sri Sri Babamoni Himself has commented regarding Swarupananda Sangeet— “My songs alone can revolutionise the country without any other adjunct.”



One more very important thing needs to be discussed here. For successfully spreading a social movement across the country like Character Building initated by Sri Sri Babamoni, literature and supportive songs alone cannot take sufficient role. In addition, the movement should also be preached and propagated in a sustained manner through newspapers, journals and magazine etc. Unfortunately the media, both printing and electronic, do not as yet appear to be very keen in discharging their duties in this direction. Sri Sri Babamoni who refuses to recognize any negativity in life and Who has declared many a time in unambiguous terms; “I never get disappointed and ‘despondence’ is a term found absent in my dictionary”— has Himself set up a monthly magazine called “Pratidhwani” for preaching and propagating His Character Building movement on a regular basis across the country. Established in 1952 and published from Varanasi Ayachak Ashram “Pratidhwani” the monthly magazine in Bengali commendably preaches the ideals of the Character-Building Movement among the people of this country particularly those living in West Bengal and north-eastern states for the last 68 years.



Sri Sri Babamoni has always shunned foreign tour. California university had invited Him for delivering some speeches there on payment of excellent remuneration as well as passage money etc, but He refused to accept that. For Him, spreading the Character- Building Movement in His own country was of paramount importance and therefore He had never spare Himself to go abroad. But many scholars and important personalities from advanced countries of Europe and America came to India and met Him. Some of them were so overwhelmed with His pleasing personality and profound knowledge in every field, that they took diksha (initiation) from Sri Sri Babamoni. There are few countries presently in the world where there is not a single disciple or devotee of Sri Sri Babamoni.

Dr. Mrs Virginia Moore, the famous American writer, who got doctorate degrees from as many as eighteen universities, once came to India and got a chance to meet Sri Sri Babamoni at Varanasi. She was so captivated with His Holy company that in her famous book titled” The Whole World Stranger” published from Mac Million Co. of New York, she showered unstinted praise on Sri Sri Babamoni.

We quote below a few remarks made by her from that book— “In spite of an education so through—it included all the physical sciences as well as all types of Yoga—Swami Swarupananda Paramhansa had kept an innocent heart”.

“A person lives in his voice…” “There was no doubt that this bachelor was transparently, over flowingly and invincibly happy. His outgiving tremendous.....”

Although Ayachak Ashram and The Multiversity suffer from paucity of fund because of acceptance of the noble principle of “non-begging”, the amount of charitable and philanthropic work undertaken by them every year in the form of relief work in times of natural calamity, educational aid to the poor and needy students, financial and other help for arranging marriage of poor girls, medical aid to poor patients, distribution of blankets in winter and of clothings to poor children at the time of Puja festivals or celebration of Id-ul-ftr etc. is not insignificant. Yet it must be stated that the main task of the organizations that Sri Sri Babamoni had set up is not only confined to performance of these benevolent activities but is the spread of the noble Character-Building Movement throughout the country, for it is through this movement that the dream of Sri Sri Babamoni of the emergence of a divine society comprising only the great men and women in place of the present human race will come true through the observance of Brahmacharya for nine generations uninterruptedly.

Although rightly considered one of the greatest men in the World, His unparalleled genius in all branches of knowledge and perseverance and penance, Sri Sri Babamoni liked to compare Himself as an ordinary man, saying that everyone can become like Him or may even surpass Him by doing similar “Tapasya”. He has expressed His firm belief that coming down at a time of milions of Avatars in this world is definitely possible if generational Brahmacharya can be practiced in crores of families for three hundred years. The final objective of Akhanda Sangha of replacing the present human race with a divine society will thus be achieved.

“Military discipline” should be inculcated in and observed by the “Akhanda Sangha”.

Finally we conclude by making a sincere prayer to Sri Sri Babamoni entreating Him to give us—His disciples and true followers—the strength, vigour, tenacity, perseverance, single-minded devotion and above all His blessing necessary to enable us to discharge to His complete satisfaction the noble duties and responsibilities He has so kindly vested us with.

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In initial stage, there was extreme financial crunch. Due to extreme poverty, Sri Sri Babamoni had to take only ‘Mahua leaf’ for living. But crisis could not be able to create obstacle on the path of selfless service to the mankind. It is very difficult to say that what job was for him as difficult. The proverb “JACK OF ALL TRADES” is true in word and spirit for Him. He was efficient in many fields of activity and as such He was a great Ayurvedic Physician and a book was written by Him named “Ayurvedic Chikitsa” in Bengali.

HIS DIVINE GRACE Sri Sri Babamoni established an Ayurvedic Medicines Factory at Ayachak Ashram, Varanasi, in the long past. There is huge demands of medicines manufactured by Ayachak Ashram and the sale proceeds of this medicines are source of earning. A portion of these medicines are given in charity and others are being sold.


Ayachak Ashram’ earns from selling valuable books written by Sri Sri Babamoni.


Ayachak Ashram never begs from anyone, still, the disciples of this order (who are called Akhandas), voluntarily contribute donations for building up Akhanda Mandir at different places and they always come forward to perform relief work among distressed persons whenever there arises any natural calamity. Besides, in every year, in the eve of Durgotsov and Id-Ul-ftr distribution of new clothes are given to the poor and needy persons through Akhanda Mandalis.


(i.e. CENTRE)

Sri Sri Babamoni said that “Obedience is the first requisite of a disciple.” Mandali and Sangathan is bound by the instruction framed by Sri Sri Babamoni where it is repeatedly stated that the Mondali or Sangathan will have to abide by any decision taken by the Centre i.e. the Supreme Head of Sangha without raising any question or doubt.

More importantly, no Mondali or Sangathan can truly and ideally exist, if it is not authorized and approved by the Akhanda Sangha Pradhan. Mondali and Sangathan is bound to take approval from our present Head of Akhanda Sangha i.e. Sri Sri DADAMONI.

Sri Sri Babamoni prescisely has mentioned valuable directions, suggestions and opinions about the policies of Organisations (Mondali, Sangathan, Ashram) in various parts of Book named ‘DHRITONG PREMNA’.

Two strong pillars without whom probably AYACHAK ASHRAM would not come into reality

Brahmacharini Sri Sri Sadhana Devi

Popularly known as Ashram Mata

Brahmacharini Sadhana Devi was one of the most affectionate, reliable, efficient, committed and trustworthy disciple and wellwisher of Sri Sri Babamoni. She was the eldest daughter of eminent physician and great devotee Respectable Nagesh Brahmachary and Kadambini Devi. She became a disciple of Sri Sri Babamoni in childhood, when her age was 6 years, Since then, She was involved in a number of noble deeds of Sri Sri Babamoni across the country and leading the ‘Character Building Movement’ which was founded by Sri Sri Babamoni in the year 1914, (Morality Campaigns).

Her efforts to spread education, purity and advanced thought especially among women are remarkable. She set up an organization called ‘Nari Mangal Shilpa Mandir’ to show the way of self-dependance to women. A large number of widow who were young in age participated in this workshop and found a perfect way in their sorrowful lives. She has been the editor-in-chief of ‘Pratidhwani’, a wellknown monthly magazine published from Ayachak Ashrama, Varanasi. She was a daring fighter of the Freedom movement. She was an extraordianary Orator, Writer, Social reformer and Preacher of religion. Her life is a true example of submerging/engulfing between GURU and DISCIPLE (BHAGWAN and BHAKTO / GOD and DEVOTEE). It can be undoubtedly stated that perhaps we would not find written divine advices of Sri Sri Babamoni and we would not see our Ayachak Ashram and The Multiversity, if there was not whole hearted sacrifice and service of Sri Sri Sadhana Devi, who silently made such valuable and memorable work for mankind. The Eternal President of ‘Nikhil Biswa Akhanda Mondali’, Chairman of ‘Ayachak Ashrama’ and Founder member of ‘The Multiversity’ Her Holiness Brahmacharini Sri Sri Sadhana Devi, Popularly known as Sri Sri Didimoni and Ashrammata, beloved by countless devotees from home and abroad, left her mortal body on Wednesday, 26th May 1993 at 8p.m., at Kolkata.

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Sri Sri Snehamoy Brahmachary

Popularly known as Bhaida

Like Ashram-mata Sri Sri Sadhana Devi, the name of other pillar of our Ayachak Ashram is Sri Sri Snehamoy Brahmachary who spent his life with Sri Sri Babamoni since his childhood. He has sacrificed and gifted himself to the holy feet of Sri Sri Babamoni and worked throughout life for various service of Ayachak Ashram.

We cannot imagine how much struggle was done by Non-begging Saint Sri Sri Babamoni for giving service to the mankind and it cannot be understood by us how many days were passed without taking food or water due to extreme hardship.

Sri Sri Snehamoy Brahmachary a true saint, tolerated every earthly pain and remained with the divine company of Sri Sri Babamoni. The Akhandas show great respect to him by calling “Bhaida” who took great part in two things i.e. Medicine and Printing of Ayachak Ashram.

He left for heavenly abode on the 23rd January 2007.

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Mahasonnyasini Sri Sri Samhita Devi

Popularly known as ‘SRI SRI MAMONI’

Mahasonnyasini Sri Sri Samhita Devi alias Mangalmoyee Bandyopadhyay was only child of Sri Hrishikesh Bandyopadhyay and Smt. Urmila Devi. Parents of Sri Sri Samhita Devi were very much devoted to Sri Sri Babamoni and they were initiated disciples of Sri Sri Babamani. Hrishikesh Bandyopadhyay was a fabulously rich person who was a diamond merchant in Lucknow. When Samhita Devi was only about one year old, her mother Urmila Devi expired. A feeling of renunciation has been stirred up in the mind of the father of Sri Sri Samhita Devi and so he decided that he would embrace Sanyas by leaving the material world. He took permission from Sri Sri Babamani and finally left for an unknown place near Haridwar and he never returned.

Before leaving, the father of Sri Sri Samhita Devi placed two gifts to the feet of Sri Sri Babamani. Firstly he presented his only child named Samhita and secondly he gave all of his riches which was worthy.

Sri Sri Babamani kept those wealth in his custody and didn’t accept it as gift. He maintained those items as guardian of Sri Sri Samhita who was a child only at that time. Samhita Devi was brought up at the Ashram of Sri Sri Babamani. She passed Matriculation from Varanasi and completed

Bachelor degree (B.A.) from Calcutta University and thereafter got Masters Degree (M.A.) from Jadavpur University. When she attained adulthood, Sri Sri Babamani called her one day and after narrating the incidents of her parents, Sri Sri Babamani offered to return all that wealth which was in possession of him. Samhita Devi stubbornly refused to accept anything from that wealth and said that everything belonged to her Guru.

On the ceremonial function at Pupunki on 1/1/1974, on that auspicious moment when HIS DIVINE GRACE declared and announced explicitly that ‘Ma Samhita’ will seat his Chair in his absence, Sri Sri Babamani mentioned about a incident relating to ‘Ma Samhita’ which is narrated below..

When Samhita Devi was one and half year old, one day Sri Sri Babamani was loitering in a place at Rajgir (BIHAR), holding Samhita Devi in HIS arms, under a structure where a three-storied building was being constructed. Suddenly Sri Sri Babamani discovered that the child (Samhita Devi) started weeping as and when Sri Sri Babamani walked through a particular direction and Samhita Devi stopped crying immediately when HE moved another. These happened repeatedly. Sri Sri Babamani instantly couldn’t find the reason for it. Then HE watched all around— in frontside and back and towards right and left side, but no sign of danger was found there. Lastly Sri Sri Babamani looked upwards and saw that a big, heavy stone was about to fall from the roof. Sri Sri Babamani moved away and at that very moment, the said boulder fell on the ground. Death was certain if Sri Sri Babamani was not moved away from that spot.

Narrating the aforesaid incident, Sri Sri Babamani stated “Samhita is Nitya Suddha”—which means “eternally pure.” And Sri Sri Babamani added “She has been saving my life since her one and half years of age. Sri Sri Samhita Devi, who was called Sri Sri Mamoni, took over the charge of Akhanda Sangha after Sri Sri Babamani left His mortal body in 1984. Sri Sri Mamoni was very kindhearted, soft-spoken and after all She has unique quality of forgiveness. We have lost her on 16th day April, 2008, due to an unexpected and sad incident occurred at Ayachak Ashram, Gurudham, Kolkata.

Though Sri Sri Mamoni is not present physically, but we all feel Her existence in our heart.

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Duty towards Rebellious (Traitor) Guru Brother (Akhanda Samhita volume 16 )

In reply to the letter of another correspondent from Gangchar of Kumilla, Sree Sree Babamoni written,-

One should not keep in touch with a rebellious Gurubhai. It would even be unjust to acknowledge them as Guru-brothers. Only they are to be considered as Guru-brothers and Guru-sisters whose company increases faith in Guru-brothers, intensifies devotion in own spiritual faith (Isht), reduces the ego of arrogance of intellect to make the mind dutiful and polite. It is not that only because some persons at some point of time adopted a reform called diksha from the Guru, you have to accept them as Gurubrothers, even after seeing them engaged in rebellion, grudge, distrust and insult to the Guru or disrespect to the dignity of Guru by their deeds or saying. Don’t waste your energy by fruitless fighting with them. Eliminate their contact, association and intimacy at all costs. Else, the fault, filthiness, distrust, unfaithfulness, unruly agility filled in their hearts will engross you silently in near future.

“Do you know that for earning respect from others, many people in this world used to project themselves as the disciples of those great men, even without taking diksha from them in reality? Even there are examples of people who after successfully acting as the disciples of great men for a long period of time when they face a sudden risk of being caught then after taking a name-sake diksha from these great men, fell at the feet of their Guru making earnest requests not to let other disciples know about the fact that he or they have taken diksha just now. The ocean-like unimaginably kind and liberal Gurudev thinks that it will not be a good idea to spoil whatsoever reputation earned by whosoever and considers the requests of those name-sake disciples in this regard. But later on, these crooked disciples take up arms against the Guru as soon as they apprehend about losing their prestige and day by day, tactically concocted with the shelter of inferior conspiracies, they just keep on spreading false propaganda in a hidden way. The wave of that propaganda spreads from one end of the whole group of disciples to the other end unknowingly and the persons with under-developed consciousness, who are self-centered, arrogant are the first one to get affected by this. Even simple-minded people gradually become crooked, doubt also arises in the mind of sincere believers and they destroy the peace of the whole world, ruin themselves, evoke anger and pain in Gurudev’s sea-like calm mind by imposing thousand blames and abnormality on every normal and innocent work of the Guru who has not ever taken care of own happiness, own rest, own benefit for a day or even for a moment. “Still the real Gurus do not care about it. They keep the pain of the mind in the mind as much as possible and move forward to other direction in order to serve for wellbeing of human at some other location. Those who are born to serve the mankind living, those who have dedicated their whole self only to serve the mankind, those who have vowed and set their only goal of this life and the life beyond to serve others, they never hold back their hands from serving to human being in any circumstance, though there exists hundred reasons of pain. All these great benevolent Mahatma used to arrange, inaugurate and spread their service to the mankind in wider extent, relocating the area of their work to some other destination of newer surroundings, far away from their disciples who have hit them with stick in return of affection, back-stabbed them with knife in return of kindness and proved to be ungrateful and thankless in return of love, they even never stopped to spread adverse propaganda against their Gurus who shielded thousands of faults of their disciples to project them great in public. These great men have not come to this earth to sit idle neither they will ever sit idle.

“All the great men of this world have met with identical types of misfortune. This is similar to the situation when a dedicated engineer, vowed to great action, while managing his work with weak equipments, faces sudden failure because some of his equipments break or cripple before the completion of his work, creating desperate chaos and uncertainty in all his efforts. How many great men of this world were fortunate enough to get equally competent co-worker? Plants like Abaich and crocus stuff (Apamarg) are commonly seen under the vast Banyan tree, but Mango, Jackfruit or Fir trees rarely grow beneath the mighty Banyan tree. Almost all the great men had floated in the sea of adversity administered by their dear and near ones. Whether the Jesus was not crucified by one of his twelve intimate disciples? Whether Buddha was not rebuked as a false ascetic by the first five of his disciples? If the co-presidents would have followed the order of the Commander in true letter and spirit, then the history of most of the war victories of present world would have been written just opposite to what is written today.

“You keep your own accounts correctly and maintain your balance sheet with intensive attention. Whether those who have been acknowledging themselves as your gurubrothers and guru-sisters are by their faith in Guru, devotion in Guru, strong determination to follow the words of Guru setting an example all through their thoughts, words and expression at every moment abandoning self-interest and adopting selflessness only to fulfill Guru’s mission of world welfare and thereby enhancing your faith, determination and power to sacrifice or not? If they do so then they are your guru-bothers and guru-sisters in real sense. Else for you they are only the street strangers. You cannot pay more respect or homage to them than that.

“The world will largely be benefitted by the unity of the guru-brothers or those who have taken diksha from the same Guru. But the root of this unity has to be in unwavering devotion in Guru, inexhaustible interest to follow the words and fulfill the intent of the Guru. Where an effort is made to splash water at the top after cutting this root, there fierce quarrel arises over self-domination within a very short period. He snatches away the right of authority there, whose voice is reckless, whose behavior is disrespectful, whose arrogance touches the sky, whose wisdom violates everyone’s dignity and who, after earning huge wealth by dishonest means, is trying to be identified as saint and noble. In such organizations, there is no place for the persons who possess real serving mind and saintly character. You should not be tempted ever to form such type of Sangha. Guru’s traitors are the most awful and extremist ungrateful persons. Keeping this in mind strictly avoid the contacts of Guru’s traitors, joining their proposed association is a far cry for you. When they form a union, then any of them may announce anything in public but in reality each one of the prebendary (panda) is inspired by own individual object and each one carefully keeps secret from the other hiding true intention from each other to form an illusionary glamorous unity visible from outside. Some of their intention is to take over the leadership of this newly formed association for quenching the thirst of own authority management, some others’ intension is to loot some wealth at a possible opportunity, some of them intend to gratify the dormant vengeance of their hearts and the remaining others want to earn respect from public under the garb of seriousness sitting idle like monda on the offering to cover their lack of intelligence and physical strength to carry out any work. Where there is no devotion to the Guru, the association of guru-brothers follows this inevitable nature and consequences. Therefore a person with real good nature like you should not even be at any talking terms with them.

“In case you want to talk to them, then they will take plea of many great ideals. They will try to make you fool with sparkles of words. They will try to make you spellbound by glamorous net of their reasoning. But those who have received unwavering care from the Guru when they are sick, those who have been fed by the Guru when they are suffering from misery, those who have become admirable even by the God due to the infinite grace of the kind Guru in spite of being born in extremely filthy family environment, those who have received respect as Brahmins by the kindness of the Guru in spite of being born to families of mean and unconventional persons of inferior livelihood and by the grace of the Guru people have forgotten their actual race, birth, livelihood, when those people become traitors to the Guru, then remember it is necessary to bathe in Ganga for hundred years to wash away the sins that are accumulated by talking to these ungrateful animals. So avoid contact with them. In fact they are not idealists, they are opportunists. When they will see that the Guru could not be defeated in wrestling, then big prebendaries/pandas will come to the edge of guru’s feet again hiding the conspiracies of betrayal to the Guru as secret and shall start acting the performance of Guru’s service anew. When they have seen that what they have done are being revealed, they will put the burden of that guilt on the shoulders of others and project themselves as innocent. Outside they show themselves as Guru’s loyal servants, secretly they maintain a deep heart with the treacherous companions. In case any truly devoted guru-brother from a far away country reaches any of their house in hungry condition, he will show him the nearest hotel very politely and at the same time he will treat a member of treacherous association with large amount of sweets bringing from a famous sweet shop of long distance even though that person is not at all hungry. Day after day he will be waiting for sudden attack of wrestling on the Guru in a careless moment by himself or by someone else. Remember, they are death-snake (kaal-sorpo). You should avoid contact with them for your own welfare.

“Shall I give you one or two instances? When you heard that your Gurudev is very much sick then upon the initiative taken by some of you an arrangement was made to send doctor and some money to him. Suddenly one of your guru-brother arrived and claimed - ‘Do you know I have taken diksha ten years prior to you? I have heard the Gurudev telling again and again,- ‘Hey, don’t try to do anything for me, I shall do everything that is needed for myself, you only do meditation (sadhan) and you have nothing else to do.’ You stopped by the power of words and ceased to take the opportunity to serve your Guru directly. Now tell, did you not listen to a Guru’s traitor? Gurudev is building an organization and definitely there is requirement for money. Tens of you were interested to arrange some money. Suddenly a rich gurubrother with good oratory power scolded and prevented you by saying— ‘What do you know about Gurudev? He said that “Nayamtama Balhinen Lavya”. He will build his organization by himself. We have built three shrines at a place to spread the fame of Gurudev and did not want to send single penny to him. Gurudev did not get angry after knowing about this, instead he expressed his pleasure. You have to understand Guru’s intention before taking action. No need to send him money.’ Tell me, whether this person is implied traitor to the Guru or a spy of the enemy or not.

“Fearlessness comes from trust and reliance. In the merciless struggle of life this courage is your great companion. Complete devotion in Guru makes this fearlessness stable and long-lasting. How will you dare to count them as brother, sister or friend whose direct or indirect contact makes you lose these things? It is same thing to drink a pot full of poison and mix up with them. It is same thing to enter the hole full of Scorpio and to accompany them. It is same thing to wrap angry Cobra around your neck and to acknowledge it as friend, relative or familiar person.

“Would you harbor hatred against them for this? Don’t do that. Whoever hates a person, he meditates about him in reverse order. The result of meditation is the attainment of the nature of meditative person. So don’t harm yourself by hating them. Absolutely forget that they are or were in this world. Forget that you ever met or got familiar with or exchanged words or became affectionate and intimate with any of them. It is because they are even reluctant to recognize Him, Who is the root cause of this meeting, familiarity, conversation, affection and intimacy, therefore this meeting is no meeting, this familiarity is no familiarity. Forget all of them by making earnest effort. Instead look at the freshly met serious devotees of the Guru to find amongst them the persons whose company is necessary to increase the qualities in your heart namely trust, devotion, concentration and honest determination as a blessing. You will never be unsuccessful at your pursuit. Your patience to wait for a few days will make you successful in establishing contact with those guru brothers and sisters in pursuit of spirituality who are dear to heart, helpful to uplift life, successor to the legacy of devotees.”

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Unfortunately or as per the act of God, one thing is noticed that many elderly disciples of Sri Sri Babamoni claim that they are obedient to Sri Sri Babamoni, however, not obedient to His successor Sri Sri Mamoni. These unfortunate and utterly ignorant people do not know that how much sin they are accruing through such sinful acts. There can never be any harm to Sri Sri Mamoni if there is any insult or disrespect shown to Sri Sri Mamoni, however, rather it directly hurts and insults Sri Sri Babamoni Himself. Hence, it is worthless to say that someone is respectful to Sri Sri Babamoni but disrespectful to Sri Sri Mamoni. In fact, any disrespect or disbelief shown to Sri Sri Mamoni goes directly and fully to Sri Sri Babamoni - they (these unfortunate people) don’t understand such simple fact.

The Guru dwells in the throne of someone’s heart. The people who obey their Guru but disobey his instructions, will necessarily have empty throne in their hearts. Sri Sri Babamoni Himself has narrated the result of disrespecting Sri Sri Mamoni – “In future, someone from my disciples may become a famous person in the world. It will be a matter of pride. But my outright observation, comment and decision in plain and simple language is that even if you become a famous person in the world, but cannot give faith in the leadership of Ma Samhita, you are none to mine and your place will be outside from my Akhanda Sangha.” “In Bengali Sri Sri Babamoni uttered

Here it is necessary to provide an important information. In the present age of social media and through the mobile phones, every day, it comes to our notice that many people presenting messages and ideals of Sri Sri Babamoni through facebook, youtube and other digital platforms are not disciples in true sense, not obedient to Sri Sri Mamoni and thus involved in works against the Akhanda Sangha. Even, many a times, they represent faulty information and messages because of their deviation from the mainstream Sangha or disobedience to the present pradhan Sangha.

We neither have enough time, interests nor manpower to continuously inform all of you against these unauthorized propaganda. However, the legal action will be taken, where needed.

At this point, this website is created to show the right path to all of you who are easy going, simple minded and devotee, however, confused with such type of channels’ propaganda. It is necessary for you to know that the particular youtube channels, facebook profiles etc, which show the photo, messages, tour program, and speeches of Sri Sri Mamoni are true followers of Akhanda Sangha and authorized. On the other hand, which do not show the photo or any description of Sri Sri Mamoni are against the Akhanda Sangha and rebellious of Akhanda Sangha. Hence, we request you to refrain completely from seeing or surfing such sites. It is made compulsory to place a photograph of Sri Sri Mamoni by the side of the photograph of Sri Sri Babamoni. Some so-called disciples of Sri Sri Babamoni who do not obey Sri Sri Mamoni have formed break away groups and they unauthorisedly hold several programmes, meetings in virtually or in physical way. They create confusion in the simple-minded Akhandas by posing themselves as genuine Akhandas. So, it is the true path to recognize them in finding photo of Sri Sri Mamoni, in any programmes or in any channels created by anyone. If the photo of Sri Sri Mamoni is not seen, it is surely from rebel group and you should strictly avoid them.

কুমিল্লা গাংচর-নিবাসী অপর এক পত্রলেখকের পত্রের উত্তরে শ্রীশ্রীবাবামণি লিখিলেন,-----

"গুরুদ্রোহী গুরু-ভ্রাতাদের সঙ্গ করা উচিত নহে। ইহাদিগকে ভ্রাতা বলিয়া স্বীকার করাও অন্যায়। যাহাদের সংসর্গ গুরুতে বিশ্বাস বাড়ায়, ইষ্টনিষ্ঠাকে নিবিড় করে, অহংবুদ্ধির ঔদ্ধত্য কমাইয়া চিত্তকে সেবাপরায়ণ ও বিনম্র করে, মাত্র তাহাদিগকেই গুরুভ্রাতা বা গুরুভগিনী বলিয়া জ্ঞান করিতে হইবে। গুরুদেবের কাছ হইতে কোনও কালে কেহ দীক্ষা নামক সংস্কার গ্রহণ করিয়াছিল বলিয়াই তাহাদের কার্য্যে বা বাক্যে গুরুদ্রোহ, গুরুদ্বেষ, গুরুতে অনাস্থা, গুরুর অবমাননা বা মর্য্যাদালঙ্ঘন দর্শন করিবার পরেও তাহাদিগকে গুরুভ্রাতার মর্য্যাদা দিতে হইবে, তাহা নহে। তাহাদের সহিত অনর্থক যুদ্ধ করিয়া তুমি তোমার শক্তি ক্ষয় করিও না। কিন্তু সর্ব্বপ্রযত্নে তাহাদের সঙ্গ, সংশ্রব এবং ঘনিষ্ঠতা বর্জ্জন কর। নতুবা ধীরে ধীরে তাহাদের অন্তরের দোষ, ত্রুটী, পঙ্কিলতা, অবিশ্বাস, অনাস্থা এবং অনার্য্যোচিত চপলতা তোমাকে অদূর কালের মধ্যেই আক্রমণ করিবে।

"তোমরা কি জান যে, বড় বড় মহাপুরুষগণের শিষ্য বলিয়া নিজেকে পরিচিত করিলে লোকের নিকটে যে মর্য্যাদাটুকু পাওয়া যায়, তাহার লোভে জগতে অনেকব্যাক্তি উক্ত মহাপুরুষদের নিকট প্রকৃত প্রস্তাবে শিষ্যত্ব গ্রহণ না করিয়াও নিজেকে শিষ্য বলিয়া জাহির করিয়া থাকে? এমন দৃষ্টান্তও আছে যে, দীর্ঘকাল পর্য্যন্ত এই অভিনয় চালাইয়া যখন প্রকৃত ব্যাপার ধরা পড়িবার আশঙ্কা ঘটে, তখন এই সকল শিষ্য নামধারীরা নামে মাত্র শিষ্যত্ব গ্রহণ করে এবং দীক্ষার পরে গুরুদেবের পায়ে ধরিয়া মিনতি করিয়া অনুনয় করে যেন, সে বা তাহারা যে অদ্যই মাত্র দীক্ষা নিল, এই কথাটী সতীর্থবর্গের মধ্যে প্রচারিত না হয়। অহেতুক কৃপাসিন্ধু উদারচেতা গুরুদেব মনে করেন, যার যতটুকু প্রতিষ্ঠা হইয়াছে, তাহা ভাঙ্গিয়া কোনও লাভ নাই এবং এই বিষয়ে শিষ্যের অনুরোধ রক্ষা করেন। কিন্তু এই সকল কপটী শিষ্যেরা পরবর্ত্তীকালে নিজেদের প্রতিপত্তি-হ্রাসের সম্ভাবনা দেখা মাত্র গুরুর বিরুদ্ধে অস্ত্রধারণ করে এবং হীন ষড়যন্ত্রের আশ্রয় লইয়া সুকৌশলে সঙ্গোপনে দিনের পর দিন ধরিয়া কেবলই অপপ্রচার করিয়া বেড়াইতে থাকে। সেই অপপ্রচারের তরঙ্গাভিঘাত সকলের অজ্ঞাতসারে সমগ্র শিষ্য-মণ্ডলীর এক প্রান্ত হইতে অপর প্রান্ত পর্য্যন্ত বিস্তারিত হয় এবং কতকগুলি অগঠিত-চেতা আত্মপরায়ণ উদ্ধত ব্যক্তিই সর্ব্বপ্রথমে ইহার প্রভাবাধীন হয়। সরলচেতা ব্যক্তিরাও আস্তে আস্তে কুটিল হইতে থাকে, অকপট বিশ্বাসীর মনেও সন্দিগ্ধতার সৃষ্টি হয় এবং যেই গুরু নিজের সুখের পানে, নিজের বিশ্রামের পানে, নিজের হিতের পানে, একদিনের জন্য একটী মুহুর্ত্তের জন্য তাকাইলেন না, তাহার প্রত্যেকটী অনিন্দনীয় স্বাভাবিক কার্য্যের মধ্যেই সহস্র নিন্দা ও অস্বাভাবিকতা আরোপ করিয়া সমগ্র জগতের শান্তিভঙ্গ করে, নিজেদের সর্ব্বনাশ করে, গুরুদেবের সমুদ্রতুল্য প্রশান্ত মনে ক্ষোভ এবং বেদনার সঞ্চার করে।

"তথাপি প্রকৃত গুরুরা ইহা গ্রাহ্যে আনেন না। মনের ব্যথা যতটা সম্ভব মনের মধ্যেই চাপিয়া রাখিয়া ক্ষেত্রান্তরে জীবসেবার জন্য তাঁহারা অন্য দিকে আগাইয়া যান। জীবসেবার জন্যই যাঁহারা জন্মিয়াছেন, জীবসেবার জন্যই যাঁহার তনুমন সমর্পণ করিয়াছেন, ইহপর জীবনে জীবসেবাই যাঁহাদের জীবনের একমাত্র লক্ষ্য, একমাত্র ব্রত, তাঁহারা শত ব্যথার কারণ সত্ত্বেও জীবের প্রতি সেবা-হস্তকে কোনও অবস্থাতেই সঙ্কুচিত করেন না। তবে, স্নেহের বিনিময়ে যাহারা করিয়াছে লগুড়াঘাত, প্রেমের বিনিময়ে যাহারা করিয়াছে পৃষ্টদেশে ছুরিকা-বেধ, ভালবাসার বিনিময়ে যাঁহারা দিয়াছে অকৃতজ্ঞতা ও কৃতঘ্নতা, শিষ্যদের সহস্র ত্রুটীর প্রতি ক্ষমা প্রদর্শন করিয়া লোক-সমাজে তাহাদিগকে বড় করিয়া তুলিয়া ধরিবার বিনিময়ে যাহারা করিয়াছে অবিরাম শুধু অপপ্রচার, তাহাদের কাছ হইতে দূরে সরিয়া গিয়া এই সকল জীবহিতৈষী মহাত্মা অন্যতর কর্ম্মক্ষেত্রে নূতনতর পরিবেষ্টনে বৃহত্তর জনসেবার আয়োজন, উদ্বোধন এবং সম্প্রসারণ করেন। তাঁহারা বসিয়া থাকিবার জন্য আসেন নাই, বসিয়া থাকিবেনও না।

"জগতের সকল মহদ্ ব্যক্তিকে এই দুর্দ্দৈবের সাক্ষাৎ পাইতে হইয়াছে। বৃহৎ কর্ম্মে ব্রতী ইঞ্জিনীয়ার যেমন দুর্ব্বল যন্ত্রপাতি দিয়া কার্য্যোদ্ধার করিতে যাইয়া নাকাল হইয়া যান, কাজ সম্পূর্ণ হইবার আগেই দুই চারিটা যন্ত্র ভাঙ্গিয়া বা বিকল হইয়া চেষ্টায় নিদারুণ বিশৃঙ্খলা এবং অনিশ্চয়তা আনিয়া দেয়, এই ক্ষেত্রেও তদ্বৎ। জগতের কয়জন মহৎ ব্যক্তি নিজের উপযুক্ত সহকর্ম্মী পাইয়াছিলেন ? বিশাল বট গাছের নীচে কতকগুলি এবাইচ আর অপামার্গই সর্ব্বত্র জন্মিয়াছে, বটের তলে আম, কাঁঠাল, দেবদারু কদাচিৎই দেখা গিয়াছে। আর জগতের প্রায় সকল মহৎ ব্যক্তিকেই অন্তরঙ্গদেরই বিরুদ্ধতায় বিপত্তির সাগরে ভাসিতে হইয়াছে। যীশুকে ক্রুশবিদ্ধ করিয়া মারিবার পথে সাহায্য কি তাঁহার দ্বাদশ জন অন্তরঙ্গ শিষ্যেরই একজন করে নাই? বুদ্ধ কে ভণ্ড তপস্বী বলিয়া গালি কি তাঁহারই প্রথম পাঁচ জন শিষ্য দেয় নাই ? সহাধ্যক্ষেরা যদি সেনাপতির আদেশ অক্ষরে অক্ষরে পালন করিত, তাহা হইলে জগতের অধিকাংশ যুদ্ধ ক্ষেত্রেই রণজয়ের ইতিহাস বর্ত্তমান ইতিহাসের বিপরীত ভাবে লিখিত হইত।

"তুমি তোমার আপন হিসাব ঠিক রাখিও, নিজের জমা-খরচের দিকে তীব্র লক্ষ্য দিও। যাহারা গুরুভ্রাতা বা গুরুভগিনী বলিয়া তোমার নিকটে নিজদিগকে পরিচিত করিতেছে, তাহারা গুরুনিষ্ঠায়, গুরুভক্তিতে, গুরুবাক্য-পালনের দৃঢ় সঙ্কল্পে, গুরুদেবের জগন্মঙ্গল অভিপ্রায় পূরণের জন্য স্বার্থত্যাগে ও আত্মত্যাগে প্রতিক্ষণ কায়মনোবাক্যে দৃষ্টান্ত প্রদর্শন করিয়া তোমার নিষ্ঠা, সঙ্কল্প এবং ত্যাগকে প্রবর্দ্ধিত করিতেছে ত' ? যদি করে, তবেই তাহারা গুরুভ্রাতা বা গুরুভগিনী। নতুবা তাহারা তোমার পক্ষে রাস্তার অপরিচিত লোক মাত্র। ইহার অধিক সম্মান বা মর্য্যাদা তাহাদিগকে দিতে পার না।"

"গুরুভ্রাতা বা সমদীক্ষিত ব্যক্তিদের ঐক্য দ্বারা জগতে অনেক কুশল হইয়া থাকে। কিন্তু যেখানে এই ঐক্যের মূল হইবে গুরুতে অবিচল নিষ্ঠা, গুরুবাক্য পালনের, গুরুর অভিপ্রায় পূরণের অকুণ্ঠ আগ্রহ। এই মূলকে কাটিয়া যেখানে আগায় জল দিবার চেষ্টা হয়, সেখানে দুদিন যাইতে না যাইতে আত্মপ্রাধান্য লইয়া নিদারুণ কলহের সৃষ্টি হয়। সেই স্থানে কর্ত্তৃত্বের অধিকার সেই সবলে কাড়িয়া নেয়, যাহার কন্ঠ বেপরোয়া, যাহার আচরণ অমানদ, যাহার ঔদ্ধত্য আকাশস্পর্শী, যাহার বিজ্ঞন্মন্যতা সকলের মর্য্যাদালঙ্ঘনকারী এবং অসদুপায়ে বিপুল বিত্ত অর্জ্জন করিয়া তৎপরে যে নিজেকে সাধু এবং মহৎ বলিয়া পরিচিত করিবার চেষ্টা পাইতেছে। এই সকল সঙ্ঘে প্রকৃত সেবাবুদ্ধি-সম্পন্ন সাত্ত্বিক-চরিত্র লোকের স্থান নাই। তোমরা এইরূপ সঙ্ঘ গঠনের জন্য কখনও প্রলুব্ধ হইও না। গুরুদ্রোহীরা জগতের সর্ব্বাপেক্ষা জঘন্য এবং চুড়ান্ত অকৃতজ্ঞ ব্যক্তি। ইহা জানিয়া গুরুদ্রোহীদের সংস্পর্শ পর্য্যন্ত পরিহার করিয়া চলিবে, ইহাদের প্রস্তাবিত সঙ্ঘে যোগদান ত' দুরেরই কথা। ইহারা যখন সঙ্ঘ গড়ে, তখন বাহ্যত মুখের বুলি যাহার যাহাই থাকুক, এক এক জন পাণ্ডা এক একটা উদ্দেশ্যে অনুপ্রাণিত হইয়া চলে এবং প্রত্যেকে নিজ নিজ অন্তরের প্রকৃত অভিপ্রায় সঙ্গোপনে অপরের নিকটে গোপন রাখিয়া বাহিরে একটা ঐক্যের মায়াজাল সৃষ্টি করে। কেহ চাহে নবগঠিত সঙ্ঘের উপরে নেতৃত্ব করিয়া নিজের কর্ত্তৃত্ব- পরিচালনের তৃষ্ণা মিটাইতে, কেহ চাহে ফাঁকতালে কিছু ধন লুঠিতে, কেহ চাহে অন্তরের প্রসুপ্ত প্রতিহিংসার চরিতার্থতা সম্পাদন করিতে, কেহ নৈবেদ্যের উপরে মণ্ডার মত নিস্ক্রিয় হইয়া বসিয়া থাকিয়া কৃত্রিম গম্ভীরতার আচরণে নিজ বুদ্ধির দৈন্য ও নিজ কর্ম্মশক্তির অভাবকে ঢাকিয়া রাখিয়া লোক-সম্মান কুড়াইতে। যেখানে গুরুর প্রতি নিষ্ঠা নাই, সেইখানে গুরুভ্রাতাদের সঙ্ঘ এই অবশ্যম্ভাবী প্রকৃতিকে ও পরিণতিকে অনুসরণ করে। সুতরাং, তোমার ন্যায় প্রকৃত কুশলকামী ব্যক্তির পক্ষে এইরূপ গুরু-ভ্রাতাদের সহিত বাক্যালাপ পর্য্যন্ত করা উচিত নহে।"

"কথা যদি বলিতে যাও, দেখিবে, ইহারা মস্ত মস্ত আদর্শের দোহাই দিবে। কথার ফুলঝুরি দিয়া ইহারা তোমাকে বোকা বানাইয়া দিতে চাহিবে। যুক্তির মায়াজালে ইহারা তোমাকে যাদুমুগ্ধ করিতে প্রয়াস পাইবে। কিন্তু যাহারা রুগ্ন হইলে গুরুদেবের অকুণ্ঠিত শুশ্রূষা নিয়াছে, যাহারা দৈন্য-পীড়িত হইলে গুরুদেবের অর্থে পেটের অন্ন জুটাইয়াছে, যাহারা অকর্ম্মণ্যতা সত্ত্বেও গুরুদেবের অনুগ্রহে কর্ম্মীর সমাজে ঠাই পাইয়াছে, যাহারা অত্যন্ত কলুষিত পারিবারিক আবহাওয়ার মধ্যে জন্ম পাইয়াও ক্ষমাময় গুরুদেবের অপার কৃপায় দেবতার বন্দনীয় হইয়াছে, যাহারা হীনকার্য্যে জীবিকার্জ্জনকারী, নীচ ও অনাচারণীয় ব্যক্তির গৃহে জন্মিয়াও গুরুদেবের অনুগ্রহে ব্রাহ্মণবৎ পূজা পাইয়াছে, এবং গুরুদেবেরই অনুগ্রহে লোকে যাহাদের জাতি, জন্ম, জীবিকা ভুলিয়া গিয়াছে, সেই সকল লোক যখন গুরুদ্রোহী হয়, তখন জানিতে হইবে যে, এই অকৃতজ্ঞ পশুদের সহিত বাক্যালাপের দ্বারা যে পাপ সঞ্চিত হয়, তাহা ধৌত করিতে শতবর্ষ গঙ্গাস্নান আবশ্যক। সুতরাং ইহাদের সংস্পর্শ বর্জ্জন করিও। প্রকৃতই ইহারা আদর্শবাদী নহে, ইহারা সুবিধাবাদী। কুস্তির প্যাঁচে গুরুদেবকে চিৎ করিয়া ফেলা গেল না, ইহা যখন দেখিবে, তখন ইহাদের মধ্যেই বড় বড় পাণ্ডারা আবার গুরুদেবের চরণ-প্রান্তে আসিয়া দাঁড়াইবে, গুরুদ্রোহের গুপ্ত ষড়যন্ত্রগুলিকে সযত্নে গোপন রাখিয়া নূতন করিয়া গুরুসেবার অভিনয় সুরু করিবে, নিজে যাহা করিয়াছে তাহা প্রকাশ পাইয়া যাইতেছে দেখিলে প্রাণপণ যত্নে সেই দোষের বোঝা অপরের স্কন্ধে ফেলিয়া দিয়া নিজে নিরীহ সাজিবে, বাহিরে গুরুদেবের অনুগত ভৃত্য সাজিয়া গোপনে গুরুদ্রোহী অপরাপর সঙ্গীদের সহিত অন্তরের গভীর হৃদ্যতা বজায় রাখিবার চেষ্টা করিবে, গরুগতপ্রাণ কোনও গুরুভ্রাতা দূর দেশ হইতে অভুক্ত অবস্থায় আসিয়া তাহার গৃহে পৌঁছিলে পরম বিনয় সহকারে নিকটবর্ত্তী হোটেল দেখাইয়া দিবে এবং একই সময়ে, গুরুদ্রোহী-সঙ্ঘের কোনও সদস্য ক্ষুধার্ত্ত না থাকিলেও তাহার জন্য দূরবর্ত্তী প্রসিদ্ধ মিষ্টান্ন ভাণ্ডার হইতে প্রচুর মিষ্টান্ন আনিয়া পরিবেশন করিবে এবং দিনের পর দিন কেবলই প্রতীক্ষা করিতে থাকিবে যে, কুস্তির পরবর্ত্তী প্যাঁচটা হঠাৎ এক অসতর্ক মুহুর্ত্তে কোন্ সময়ে গুরুদেবের উপরে সে নিজে কষিবে, কিম্বা অপরকে দিয়া কষাইবে। জানিও, ইহারা কালসর্প। তুমি যখন নিজের কুশল চাহ, তখন ইহাদের সংসর্গও তোমার বর্জ্জন করিয়া চলা উচিত।"

"দুই একটা দৃষ্টান্ত দেখাইব ? শুনিয়াছি গুরুদেব বড়ই পীড়িত, তোমারা কয়কজন উদ্যোগী হইয়া চিকিৎসক ও অর্থ প্রেরণের ব্যবস্থা করিলে। হঠাৎ একজন গুরুভাই আসিয়া দাবী করিল,----'জানেন? আমি আপনাদের দশ বৎসর আগে দীক্ষা নিয়াছি। আমি বারংবার গুরুদেবকে বলিতে শুনিয়াছি,----'ওরে, আমার জন্য তোরা কিছু করিতে চেষ্টা করিস্ না, আমারটা আমিই করিব, তোরা কেবল সাধন কর, অন্য কর্ত্তব্য তোদের কিছুই নাই', কথার দাপটে তোমরা থামিয়া গেলে, প্রত্যক্ষ গুরুসেবার সুযোগ গ্রহণে বিরত হইলে। বল, তোমরা একজন গুরুদ্রোহীরই কথায় কর্ণপাত করিয়াছিলে কিনা ? গুরুদেব একটা প্রতিষ্ঠান গড়িতেছেন, অর্থের ত' নিশ্চয়ই প্রয়োজন। তোমরা দশ জনে কিছু অর্থের সংস্থানে আগ্রহী হইলে। হঠাৎ একজন বক্তৃত্বশক্তিসম্পন্ন ধনী গুরুভ্রাতা আসিয়া ধমক দিয়া তোমাদিকে প্রতিনিবৃত্ত করিল। বলিন,---- "আপনারা গুরুদেবের কথা কি আর জানেন ? তিনি বলিয়াছেন, নায়মাত্মা বলহীনেন লভ্যঃ। তিনি নিজেই নিজের প্রতিষ্ঠান গড়িবেন। আমরা অমুক স্থানে তিনটা মঠ গড়িয়া গুরুদেবের কীর্ত্তি রাখিয়াছি, একটী কপর্দ্দকও গুরুদেবকে পাঠাইতে চাহি নাই। গুরুদেব ইহাতে মোটেই রুষ্ট হন নাই, তিনি সন্তোষই প্রকাশ করিয়াছেন। গুরুর অভিপ্রায় বুঝিয়া কাজ করিতে হয়। টাকা পাঠাইবার প্রয়োজন নাই।' বল, এই ব্যক্তি প্রচ্ছন্ন গুরুদ্রোহী বা শত্রুর গুপ্তচর কিনা।"

"বিশ্বাস এবং নির্ভর হইতে অভয় আসে। জীবনের নির্ম্মম সংগ্রামে এই অভয় তোমার পরম সঙ্গী। গুরুতে ঐকান্তিকী নিষ্ঠা এই অভয়কে স্থির এবং স্থায়ী করে। যাহাদের প্রত্যক্ষ বা পরোক্ষ সংশ্রবে তোমার এই বস্তু হইতে চ্যুতি সুনিশ্চিত আসিবে, তাহাদিগকে ভ্রাতা, ভগিনী বা বন্ধু বলিয়া তুমি কোন্ সাহসে গণনা করিবে ? পাত্রপূর্ণ হলাহল পান করা আর ইহাদের সংশ্রবে যাওয়া এক কথা। বৃশ্চিক- পরিবৃত বিবরে প্রবেশ করা আর ইহাদের সঙ্গ করা এক কথা। ক্রুদ্ধ গুখরা সাপকে কন্ঠে জড়ান আর ইহাদিগকে বন্ধু, আত্মীয় বা পরিচিত বলিয়া স্বীকার করা এক কথা।"

" তাই বলিয়া কি ইহাদের প্রতি বিদ্বেষ পোষণ করিবে ? তাহাও নহে। যে যাহাকে বিদ্বেষ করে, সে বিপরীত-ক্রমে তাহার ধ্যান করে। ধ্যানের ফল হইতেছে ধ্যাত ব্যক্তির স্বভাব-প্রাপ্তি। সুতরাং ইহাদিগকে বিদ্বেষ করিয়া নিজের ক্ষতি করিও না। ইহাদের প্রতি একেবারে উদাসীন হও। ইহারা যে জগতে আছে কিম্বা ছিল, এই কথা একেবারে বিস্মৃত হইয়া যাও। ভুলিয়া যাও, ইহাদের কাহারও সহিত একদা দেখা হইয়াছিল, চেনা-পরিচয় হইয়াছিল, কথাবার্ত্তা হইয়াছিল, হৃদ্যতা ও অন্তরঙ্গতা ঘটিয়াছিল। যাঁহাকে লইয়া সেই দেখা, পরিচয়, কথাবার্ত্তা হৃদ্যতা ও অন্তরঙ্গতা, তাহারা যখন তাঁহাকেই মানিতে কুন্ঠিত, তখন এই দেখা ত' অদেখা, এই পরিচয় ত' অপরিচয় ! প্রাণপণ যত্নে ইহাদিগকে ভুলিয়া যাও। অন্তরের নিষ্ঠা, ভক্তি, একাগ্রতা, সৎসঙ্কল্প এবং প্রসাদ গুণ-বর্দ্ধনের জন্য যাঁহাদের সঙ্গ করা তোমার একান্ত আবশ্যক, তাঁহাদিগকে নব-পরিচিত গুরুগতপ্রাণ সাধকগণের মধ্যে খোঁজ। তোমার এই অন্বেষণ কখনও ব্যর্থ হইবে না। প্রতীক্ষার শক্তিতে তুমি কিছুদিন-মধ্যে প্রাণসম প্রিয়, জীবনের উন্নতিবর্দ্ধক, আধ্যাত্মিক সাধনের উত্তর-সাধক ভ্রাতা-ভগিনীদের সহিত পরিচয় স্থাপন করিতে সমর্থ হইবে।"

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